Friday, January 1, 2010

Trust..Faith..and Assurance..!!

Hiii friends..!!
In this post i'll tell out three stories..
whose themes are "TRUST", "FAITH", and "ASSURANCE"...and is the title of the Post.


A boy and a girl were playing together. The boy had a collection of marbles. The girl had some sweets with her. The boy told the girl that he would give her all his marbles for all her sweets. The girl agreed.
The boy kept the biggest and the most beautiful marble aside and gave the rest to the girl. The girl gave him all her sweets as she had promised.
That night, the girl slept peacefully. But the boy couldn't sleep as he kept wondering if the girl had hidden some sweets from him the way he had hidden his best marble.
Moral of the story: If you don't give your hundred percent in any relationship, you'll always keep doubting if the other person has given his/her hundred percent.. This is applicable for any relationship like love, friendship... Give your hundred percent to everything you do and sleep peacefully.


On a very fine day, a pair was enjoying in the park. They were talking about their past. The boy reminded her beloved of the moments he used to meet her. And the girl recalled the time she used to be with him at college time. After a while the girl started talking about some superstitious incident..and told that she,sometimes, has faith in such thing. That if one walk on the BURNING COAL and wishes for someone's good may work. The boy showed disagreement on the part. The very next moment the girl started walking along the pool..passed and reached on a platform..turned her face away so that the boy could not see her front part. She started falling freely... the BOY, who was pretty apart from her..shocked at her act..ran to catch her. He managed to let her not fall on the ground. After the incident..the boy asked what sort of madness that was...the girl reply," It was my FAITH in you darling". And you did worked.


About assurance is a smaller description but try to feel it.
When we play with baby, we pay special attention about its safety.
Whenever we throw the baby in the air...instead of getting keeps smiling...because the baby is assured of its safety. we never let it fall.