Friday, October 23, 2009

L♥ve: What it is..!!

I often think what  lve  is all about..
By drawing on finger the shape..
And try to figure it out.

Once, wrongly painted by me..
I didn't even know what it was..
Feelings arouse abruptly within my '♥'.


What i could figure out was..
Someone trespassed my '♥'..
And it was turning outta-order.


My '♥' got caged by somebody..
I lost my control on it..
So...better i gave it to her.
It was my "ANGEL"..
 I got, perhaps, what lve meant.


I went with hopes and dreams..
I didn't know what to do.
Nor could I trust my '♥
'Coz it belonged to you.


I lve U more than life itself
But I'm afraid to lve the greatest..
My  '♥'  is like the lightening..
candle amidst the tempest..

 I'm scared 2 get into your vicinity..
U'll  lve me for a while..
Then U'll  leave me sinle again..
taking away my smile.

My heart  got jig-sawed..
less like a beating entity..
much like a puzzle.

You've got my '♥' held on a string..
It's breaking away in two..
Enough belongs to me "to hurt"..
The rest belongs to you.

I knew you'd, but, hurt me..
Yet, I kept following its outskirts
At last what i'll get..

is nothing but my "Brken Heart


I know that in your '♥' too..
There's a corner for me..
I don't know where it is..
Nor can i make you see..

  one day or another..
You'll surely feel that..
for my
'♥' belongs to you..
Yours, too, belongs to me.


Still, i don't know what love is..
Please forgive me for this..
Eat it away..!!
Yes..she did, she did..!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rupesh : Thats me....!!

A very Happy all of you..
 (oOp$  i  got  it late  though..)..!! 

I remember Tuesday,October the 6th ,

when i was goin to college...
suddenly some words slipped to the
foreyard of ma  mind...
It was all abt findin the meaning 
of being Myself...
Wateva  i felt was really worth it..
So just replicatin the memory...!!
Its just abt me....abt mai name..!!

Here i go...

Rolling down is the Moon..
Utmost beauty still upto it..
Procrastinating night prevails though..
Entering slowly to the dawn..
Sneaking rays ready to welcum another day..
Happily gone the previous one..!!

Here's another one friends....


      Roses will bloom..
      Up in the sky this year..
      Pulling down the thorns...
      Enjoying the air..and
      Happiness, just wear it  DEAR...!!!

Keep smiling....!!