Friday, October 23, 2009

L♥ve: What it is..!!

I often think what  lve  is all about..
By drawing on finger the shape..
And try to figure it out.

Once, wrongly painted by me..
I didn't even know what it was..
Feelings arouse abruptly within my '♥'.


What i could figure out was..
Someone trespassed my '♥'..
And it was turning outta-order.


My '♥' got caged by somebody..
I lost my control on it..
So...better i gave it to her.
It was my "ANGEL"..
 I got, perhaps, what lve meant.


I went with hopes and dreams..
I didn't know what to do.
Nor could I trust my '♥
'Coz it belonged to you.


I lve U more than life itself
But I'm afraid to lve the greatest..
My  '♥'  is like the lightening..
candle amidst the tempest..

 I'm scared 2 get into your vicinity..
U'll  lve me for a while..
Then U'll  leave me sinle again..
taking away my smile.

My heart  got jig-sawed..
less like a beating entity..
much like a puzzle.

You've got my '♥' held on a string..
It's breaking away in two..
Enough belongs to me "to hurt"..
The rest belongs to you.

I knew you'd, but, hurt me..
Yet, I kept following its outskirts
At last what i'll get..

is nothing but my "Brken Heart


I know that in your '♥' too..
There's a corner for me..
I don't know where it is..
Nor can i make you see..

  one day or another..
You'll surely feel that..
for my
'♥' belongs to you..
Yours, too, belongs to me.


Still, i don't know what love is..
Please forgive me for this..
Eat it away..!!
Yes..she did, she did..!!

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