Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rupesh : Thats me....!!

A very Happy all of you..
 (oOp$  i  got  it late  though..)..!! 

I remember Tuesday,October the 6th ,

when i was goin to college...
suddenly some words slipped to the
foreyard of ma  mind...
It was all abt findin the meaning 
of being Myself...
Wateva  i felt was really worth it..
So just replicatin the memory...!!
Its just abt me....abt mai name..!!

Here i go...

Rolling down is the Moon..
Utmost beauty still upto it..
Procrastinating night prevails though..
Entering slowly to the dawn..
Sneaking rays ready to welcum another day..
Happily gone the previous one..!!

Here's another one friends....


      Roses will bloom..
      Up in the sky this year..
      Pulling down the thorns...
      Enjoying the air..and
      Happiness, just wear it  DEAR...!!!

Keep smiling....!!



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